Friday, 15 April 2011

The Jounalist...

So my sister's actually a journalist, don't be fooled by the body- good genes i tell ya *wink* I thought one day to go out and take pics of her in our backyard. I love these fashion inspired shoots, and what better way to perfect my skills than to take pics of someone who looks like a model at no cost?!
She is a darling to work with, i swear :-)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Design Indaba DPS

This is a double spread I designed in second year.  The brief was to market ourselves as young and upcoming designers for the Design Indaba Magazine. I had alotta fun writing about how I "stand out" as a designer. 
This was an anti-design assignment where we had to make a one-minute-movie. The name of the movie is Streetclass. And the whole idea is to change the mind-set of society and the way they have programmed us to think. We had to market and brand the film, and above is the poster I designed promoting it.
This was one of the posters for the viral campaign which was part of the brief.

I decided to design a website to further promote the movie.