Saturday, 28 September 2013

Watch People

Love me a white ride

Ain't no Laurent without Yves

Which one are you?

The best piece of art!


So. Friggin. Gorgeous.

Fashion Killa

All up in my cool aid and you ain't e'en know it

Stunning swimsuit

Black and white. Can't go wrong.

The sound of that inContact message and you're on some...

Gorgeous girl

The online definition of perfect

Those shorts. Those sleeves.

Loooove white hair

Arm candy



Yes. Yes. Yes!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Live Simply. Dream Big. Be Grateful. Give Love. Laugh Lots.

A young Yves Saint Lauren 
Saaang it Bey!

*blink, blink*

Black on black on white

Neither do I Lana
Leather head wraps :)
This is all.

Cool sunnies

So much of cooool!

Loving this top.

Kelly looking drop dead gorgeous


Love the colour palette

Dope cover

Let me re-iterate this....only under these conditions

Black on black on black

Look back at it!

While you werrrk it out

Love this 

Kenzo & ripped denims. Yes!

Oh mon chéri...

Sunday, 8 September 2013

If You Don't Mean What You Say...

Possibly one of my favourite gifs

The king and queen




I want. Please and thank you.

Beastly things. Showstopper.

Love her coat.

This skirt. 

Haa! Love this swimsuit


Mrs carter so pretty

Coral and rings

Dig her vibe. Shoes lookin purrrty.

Spring has sprung and the grass has rizz honies.

Blue Ivy's mama werrrkin

Maybe it is...

Blanc et noir

Yoga things...



So much of cool

All black everything. Be still my heart.

Tina's offspring

What a beautiful woman!

Ripped denims and chanel

So so easy



Sucker for this angle. Love these rings.