Friday, 9 November 2012

Be Still My Heart!

Colour palette

It's working!



The hues

Now we all know my obsession with bikes


*smooches all round*

That is all really.


Centre of attention

Kim so kool

That hair. That dress. That neckpiece. This picture!!!

Well damn!

So fresh!

Ohhhhh man!!!

Love me some Rih

Love this laid back vibe

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous Joel

Oh you mad boo? Joan Smalls


Yes pleeease!


I mean. Look at her!!!

Love the sunnies

Kurvacious Kim

Moment of silence

June Ambrose looking hella!

Sunnies. Watch. Shirt

Joan commands respect!

My girl

Oh heeeeey :)

Dope pic!

I want, i want, i want!


Need to have this hair!

Bad girl Rih

Silence please!

Man oh man!!!

There's nothing Hannah about this Montana!!!


All these rings! And how cute are those shorts?

Unale stayela!


College swag

So so bowwwwsss!

LOL! I love these sorry looking suckers. *pardon the pun*

This pic makes me happy

Rita Ora looking flawless.

Pretty Little Things!

This dress!!!

Love EVERYTHING about this look!

Oh damn!

Oooh these hues tickle my fancy!


All sorts of browns

Ripped denims and apples

Colour palette

This is a situation right here!

OMG! I want one!

Soooo cute!

Wendy does it again!

Leather shorts please!

Arm swag

Lady lovely

We love coral don't we?!

Here's this dress again!

I'm loving the ensemble!

Just for order!!!

That's all I'm saying really...

Great photography