Saturday, 24 September 2011

Quirky, Vintage, Fashion.

This was an experimental shoot that I did with a journalist turned model, Nongcebo Khumalo. A sort of, find-your-feet type of photoshoot for me - that turned out to be amazing! Shot on the grounds of Durban University of Technology, City Campus. Themed: Quirky, Vintage, Fashion. Which can also be read as a statement if you remove the commas. 'Cause that's just how we do, making statements wherever we go :-)

Spring Has Sprung!

Doing what i love photography. My shoots are always centered around a particular theme. And this was: Spring Has Sprung! This location is at the Durban University of Technology, City Campus. My first proper shoot, such fun times. Huge thanks to the model, my lovely honey, Britney Aboud. Isn't she amazing :-) 

South African Cook Book

THE BRIEF: Design the beginnings of a South African cook book. It must include a cover, an index page, a chapter introduction and two recipes. (I decided to do three recipes :-))
My cook book is entitled Street Cuisine: Dirty Durban, Delicious Dish! A cook book with an assortment of mouth-watering recipes cooked on the streets of Durban. Targeted at taxi drivers, cooked by our street mamas.
This is an excerpt from the Chapter Introduction; "Cooked with care, with a helping of streetwise, a spoonful of hustle, the street mamas have found a niche in the market, selling delicious dishes in polystyrene containers they have dubbed 'ama-laptop'. This is a business that will never run dry."