Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Fasheeen et Art

That cap is everything
Legs for dayyyys
Tasteful mix of prints
Suh-weeet! For those hot summer days
Want. This.
You can't possibly get hotter than this girl
Black. Red lip. White pearlies. Geeky glasses. Stylish!
This picture has me loving being black that much more! Wow.
The cutest little girl
Miss Keri
Love me some Lauren Conrad
I just mean wow hey :)
Cool pic this
Take note...
That dress. Sexy much?!
Badass. Look at her hair :)
This is amazing
Ney York :)))
THIS. Wow.
How gorgeous is this girl. I love her hat
Denim. Red hair. Naiiice.
I need to find the guy who made these. Breathtaking.

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