Sunday, 6 October 2013

Nobody Said It Was Easy

Listen up...

LOL! That raised brow look :'D

My name is Anele, and i love bicycles.

Short shorts. Sequins & White tees.

Cool gif.

Remember when this was the only
means of communication...


Gold balloons? Niiiice.

Not a damn body.

Me. Downtime.

Cute & sexy all at once.

Heaven in a shoe

It is not as easy as I make it look :P

This tee :)

Haha! Cool beanie

Very. Very bad communication.

Hello there!


Gorgeous much?!

Ain't that some truth.

Haha funny!

Who run this motherrrrr

Loving it

Skill on a hunnid trill


That MJ swag

All white errrrthang.


Ask it once more!!!

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