Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mondli: Cool Hair Dude!

So this past weekend I had gone with some mates to one of the 'must-check-out-hangout-spots-if-you're-in-Durban', kwaMax eMlazi. We were all there for the very first time, it's an alright place, not necesserily my kind of vibe, but it was chilled, fun was had :) 
I take my camera with me everywhere I go, and while everyone was drinking it up,and having a ball of a time, I had my eye on anyone who stood out from the merry crowd. Mondli's hair is one of the reasons I am reminded everyday what an honour it is to be African. The hair gods must really like him. He didn't mind me taking a few shots of him, his hair and his friends, what a sport!

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