Friday, 3 May 2013

Thank You For All The Small Things


Wow. Stunning for him.

Oh boy!

My next chucks will definitely be white


Loving this african print bustier

Strippy stripes 

Wow. These are gorgeous.

I declare....

Neon pink. Chanel. Yes!

Lovely dress.

These tops guys.

Looove Fossil.

I love notes written on servies :)


A colleague got me this for my birthday.
Dif colors, same design. Dopeness :)


Kool kids

Tell 'em Marilyn ;P

Sooooo, I happen to fancy the Lion quite a bit :)

The print on this tee

Pic. Hair. Model. All on point!

More of this please...

I find inspiration everyyyyywhere!

A labour of love

Well damn :'''D

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines


Ahahahahaha! This gif has me on the floor.
Look at the chick in the BG. 
Solo putting in work. Flawless.

I suppose...

Ahahaha! Truer than true!

Yes. Yes. Yes.

How dope?
VERY dope!

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