Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Let's take a look at some of my favorite things...
Sunnies. Beanie. Watch. Deuce-chuckin. Hot look!
 Every girl wants a pair of Loubies in this lifetime.
 I want an iPhone just so i can have this cover.
 Legs. Photography.
 Biker chic.
 Patterned high waisted shorts. Sexy.
 I wanna cut my hair like this. And take pics like these. Then I can say I have lived.
So white. So regal.
 Aztec print on sunnies? I'll take one of those.
 Marshmellow pink. Canary yellow. Mint green. And White. Sexy much?
 Suh-weet bodysuit. Ripped jeans. All stars. She looks the star maaan!
 Hair. Lips. Nails. And those glasses against that mint green color= fashion fab!
 Waistcoast + beanie = swag on a hundred trill!
 Peplum trend and cameras. Yesss!
 More prints. I would wear this shirt alone, it is so amazing.
 She's bringin sexy back in that stunning shirt.
 Oh my! How cute is this wedding troop?! Boy in the glasses stole my heart!
 Loving these books. Giving me ideas...
 Aztec print my entire life. I love it!
 Yellow skirt. Green shoes. It's happening for me.
I fink you're freaky and I like you a lot!
 Sunnies. I need a pair of these show-stoppers.
 Stripes and jewels.
 I looove this photo. Wish I knew who took it.
 Vogues and platforms. It's the life we live.
 Aztec. White. Neck-gear. *squeals of excitement*
 Dior kisses!
 Summer hat. Loose white tee. Side braid. Skirt = Chanel look-a-like.
 Lips. Sunnies!
 Headwraps and bright pinks!
I loooove Gossip Girl. Adore.
 Bag. Checked blazer. Brogues. Hat. Cropped denims. Great look for him.
 That is all really.
 Slightly classy. Slightly sexy.
 Striped straw hat. Lovin her YSL ring aswell.
 Yellow jersey. Sunnies. Ripped denims. Cool factor.
 Oh Chuck!
 My cup of tea!
 Amber's jacket.
 Every girl needs a pair of mint greens just so you can put them on display :)
 Arm swag.
 Bowlers hat. Sunnies. Earring action.
 Sisterly love. We could all do with more of this.
 Can you say drama?!
 All african everything, with a dash of LV.
So quaint. So romantic.
 Emma Watson's lovely lovely hair.
 More Chuck Bass. Suave.
 Brown platforms are a must buy!
 Colour blockin show stoppers are a must have!
The only universal language I know.
 Leopard print top. Grrrr pah!
 Style is a thing yo!
 Cobra Society loafers. Stunning!
 Olsen Orh-some Sunnies!
 Neck swag.
 The lovely Blake Lively in black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow!!!
 All aboard! I want to own that sailor's hat and those legs.
 Rollers. And class. In black and white.
 Style cannot be bought. Loving her floral vibe!
 Tall glass of sexzzzy!
 Badass chic!
 I want this neck action.
 Layin low in your Jeffreys. I sees you ;)

I am a sucker for 'fros. And over the top earrings. And pink lipstick. And, and, and!
Anyone kind enough to get me this scent for errhm, Freedom Day? Seeing as my birthday has passed :)

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