Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Yes, Men.

 I mean how much swag do you have to have to look this cool?
 And then there was the curly haired brothurrrr!
That coat is to die for! 

Look at how put together he looks, hello ;) 

 Love the tee
Love the 'fros 

 Ahh yeah!
This guy seriously has it going on. 
 Drippin swagoo!
 Wena na with that cam around your neck...*fans-self*
 So fresh n so clean clean!
Denim. Checked shirt. Orange blazer. Heavens yeah!
 I have a weakness for any man looking dapper holding a cam. I mean...look at him :)
 Suh-weet my man, so suh-weet!

 Brogues we love!
 Stylish lil kiddo.

 OMG!!! We are just not worthy.

 Dude reminds me of college. So much of the coolness!
 Brother on the left...hello, hi!
 Can I join ya?
 He looks great. I think it has a lot to do with his sexy pose ;)
You can sit on mama's lap anyday :)

Some good looking brothers up in hurrrr. Can I get an 'ah-men'! 
As hard as this may be to believe, this post is actually more about their fashion sense than it is about their distracting physical hotness. We love guys that know how to get it together on the fashion front, yes we does!!!


  1. I love you blog Nelz <3 the guy in the orange blazer is haute!!!

  2. Thank you my hun, appreciate it. He's all sorts of gorgeous isn't he ;)