Monday, 2 July 2012

Hello July

So I've got some news to share.
Recently there was something I wanted so badly, every bone in my body knew that this 'thing' was for me. After some thorough soul-searching and blatant ''NO's'' from God, I found out that it actually wasn't meant for me. Without giving too much away about my lil' experience, I quickly learnt that there's a lesson in everything. Disappointments and let downs are a part of life, if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't know where to draw our strength from. So it is necessary, for survival's sake to be willing to learn and let go of things God hasn't meant for us. And find comfort in knowing that, something better awaits. Something that is yours. Especially crafted for you. And whilst you move on with scars to tell the tale, don't stop dreaming, keep believing!

Here's to a month filled with moments that will remind us of our purpose. New month. New mercies. Enjoy!!!
Love and

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