Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fancy Tickled!

Loving the scarf!

Short shorts and stripes

These pumps are winning!

Coral on polka dot? Yes please!

*Arm swag*

 Now go on and rock your mint jeans the only way
you know how!

J'adore these Toms. How awesome are those prints?!

Pop of colour and stripes. Classy look.

This dress is unusually hot. Just like we like them.

Would like to own one, the message could not be clearer!

This 'stay-at-home jersey for those lazy Sunday
afternoons, is a 'gotta-have'!

Jules can do no wrong in my eyes

Over-exposed black and white! YES maaannn!

Rih looks real good here.

Stunning shot!

By now you should know my love for this awesome
lil object ;)

Chick reminds me of a really cool girl i met recently.
She had such a great vibe about her, which i'm getting from the
chick in this pic. Also aviators and all-stars are a definite YES!!!

These kinds of photos are the reason
i will never put my camera down!!!
Like i said, Jules is always looking proper in my eyes!

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