Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Friggin Fantastical!

You may have noticed, during the past couple of weeks, that I had eased off on this whole blogging thing. This is due to my many commitments. Okay I'm lying. I've been really busy with school. We all know this time of the year requires you to say a sweet goodbye to your social life, and whatever else you have going on...to focus on acing your grades, right? So that's what I've been busy with. 
But anyway, I'm back now. I've been collecting some real cool fashion pics for y'all. Scroll down to have a look-see. Hope you like, 'coz i looooooves!

Florals. Mustard. Nude. Yassss!

All neoned out!

Hot illustrations

Soooo siiiick!

Sailors hats are hot

I actually just wanna move into this store

So romantical...

This look to go please!

Ruby red up against that leopard print swag

So chic

Don't leave the house without a little wrist action

I mean if you've got the legs,
then why the hell not?

SOLANGE...liking her blazer

Oh. My. Givenchy!!!

Different shades of purple

Dear Santa...

This look is hoooooot!

That New York book and these Loubies 
are making me smile for daaaays!

Loooooving this bag

Short shorts and laid back sweaters

We are not worthy of this dress. Aiiiich!

Coral. Sequins. Please?

The blazer must be the longest item on your outfit
if you're all about turning them heads

Love this shot. Also the shoes are to die!

A plan must be made for this here situation...

Those pants dear God...

The photography's on point

Jules my girl!!!


Centre of attention and attraction...

Foot action...

That's hot! *Paris Hilton voice*
Jules ma lady!!!

Polka dot pretty

A touch of neon here...

Looove that scarf

You can't possibly be cooler than her right now

Laid back lady

These rings on my fingers. Now! Thanks.

Kim K and her boo thang, Mr.West. 

Pretty girl rock!

This dress!!!

You'll never go wrong with white, like ever!

Pleated and pretty!

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