Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dear Future Wife

"Dear future Wife
I’ve never known a bigger commitment than Pen on Page
All I’ve seen is melodies dance across exam pads
And often into Heart shaped promises
Written like initials across the edges of pages like some
Riddle only you can figure out
And scribbled doodles of images of what you might look like
Or what you might say to a Man who used to shape Words into pencil tip portraits of you long before he met you
So Dear future Wife
You married a Poet
Expecting me to have the exact Words to describe why Penguins search the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to present to their mate
Or why they mate for life in the first place
All I have are my Poems and an apology in advance
So forgive me for my flaws
I speak fondly of bringing you the Moon but the only thing I know about Space is the Lightyears it takes to get me from where I am to where you are
And all of the loneliness in-between
I’m just a humble Man who fell in love with your laughter the first time he heard it
So maybe keep that Moon and hand over the laughter that has me feeling like a 23 year old kid
Or the funniest comedian for as long as I can allow the joke to match the magic in your giggle
Or the way the Heavens seem to open up long enough for you to catch your breath
As if they too witnessed the second coming of a Messiah in the way the Sun moves aside to make way for…..
Make way….
Make way for the words I couldn’t find to describe you
So I’ll swallow all the stupid things I almost said like where have you been all my life
Or if Men were from Mars I would’ve taken the first flight to Venus to find you
Or maybe God made you second because I wasn’t enough
Dear future Wife
Most Men travel Oceans and back seeking the World
All I’m asking for is a Daughter who looks just like you
Or a Son who understands that Nations are built on the backs
of incredible Women
And that his Mother’s open palms were his first glimpse of tomorrow
That the first time he met his Mother’s gaze was also the closest he’s ever been to God
And that the first smile he ever saw was also the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen
And that you held him and whispered gibberish in between Bible verses and promises to love him more with each passing day
So Dear Future Wife
When we’re old, my hands will shake when I hold yours
Maybe from Arthritis
Or maybe I’m still just as nervous as before
So I’ll shake my way through love letters written and placed around the house like maps to find hidden treasures
But all your ever find are my insecurities
Like how I can’t seem to find enough courage to let you love me back
Like how you’re a better Woman than I’ll ever deserve
And that the hardest thing is being Man enough
To tell you this
So in the meantime I’ll wash the dishes
Take out the trash
Tell you that you don’t look fat in that dress
And gossip about the neighbors
Pretending to peer through the window
But I’m really staring at your reflection in it
Same reflection in me
Same Woman who has me wishing I was a Penguin
A Comedian
A Father of two
Or just a Man

I’m not a Penguin
I don’t have a pebble to give you
But I do have a Pen
And I do have this Poem"

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