Tuesday, 4 December 2012

My Favourite Teeengs



Vogue. Grrrr!


Silence please

White on white on white

Love her stunners

Keep calm and...

Siiick artwork!

Oh my!  I waaant!


Sexy photoshoots

Miss Ora

Hush please

One day is one day!

Dope illustration

Y'ello summer

Another dope illustration

Blue peplum and gold pants. Yassss!

King B!


Do this and repeat. And again. Once more.

Vogue covers


Loving the cuffs and skirt

Is it possible for one human being to be so cool?

Loving Rita

Don't you forget it...

Shut the front door!!!

Yebo yes!

2 all da grown men hu ryt lyk dis!!!


Miss Knowles


2 Corinthians 4:8-9

Want this in my home

We can therefore conclude that style 
cannot be bought. Exhibit A.

Believe it!

She is the fairest of them all

How cool are these two?!

Gaga for this Gaga drawing!

This picture though. Fayaaaaah!!!

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