Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fun Filled Night...

I was going through my pictures on the hardrive, and stumbled across these. Taken at the end of year exhibition in 2010. Back in my Tech days...memories were made on this night! I was in second year at the time, just capturing the good times and the cool college fashion from that night!

Monde and I. This is my best friend. She wore a pretty vintage inspired dress from Mr. Price. Loves it!

Classy knee length lace dress Prunelle wore was sophistication personified. Unfortunately I don't know where it's from. Prunelle and myself.

Petunia and Pumla doing the right thing, posing for my cam :) Pulma's dress is from a second hand vintage store, it was stunning!

Pardon the blurry pic, but this was the only decent pic of Megan and myself, that I could find. The ivory to my ebony. Love this chick!

Megs and Moe

The ever stylish Thandi. That pretty tie-dye skirt is from Mr.Price.

Me tryna look as pretty as one can look standing on grass in six inch booties. My left heel at this point, is one with the grass :(

I loved Pumla's thick braids! And what a pretty picture this is of her!

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