Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Kink In My Hair

“Mommy, Why Don’t I Have “Good Hair?”
 How do you convince your little girl that her hair is beautiful when society tells her otherwise?  When regardless of what you say, every time she turns on the T.V. she’s bombarded with anything and everything but the coarse hair that grows from her scalp.  Not only does she not see it, she hears how hard it is to take care of, that it doesn’t grow and that it looks untidy before she’s even given a chance to learn about it for herself.  How do you convince her that she’s beautiful when you’re the only one telling her that straighter isn’t always better?  What will make your words matter the most when outside of your home she is constantly reminded both directly and indirectly that beauty isn’t kinky.  How will she ever trust you, when you don’t even trust in your own kinks?   … “If we lead by example our daughters, daughters, daughters will follow
-Kayla Enigma

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