Saturday, 16 March 2013

Defy Your Limits.

Familiriase yourself with them, then rise above.

I want this Tee, coz I am a homie, lover & friend.

You can never go wrong with black & white

I am such a shameless Belieber

That bod. Woah.

Oh My Givenchy!

dope illustration

Sooo adorbs!

Theee coolest couple in showbiz

So coooool


Look how gorgeous!

"So quick to snatch up your Beyonces"

Riri's so lovable doe

I mean look at her

All nude everything. Dope cover!

Cool performance

That leg. Peace be still.

Bey smoochin hubby's grammy

So much of class!

She looks so vulnerable & innocent here

Love the King!

Those shoes!

Yes we are...

Sexy much? I want.

Werrrk it gel!

Ahaha! Shoulder shake.

King B

Moment of silence please


My favourite gif from this shoot

Jules' rings for the win!

Eissssh! This swimsuit neh!

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