Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Love ripped denims

Careful, don't hurt 'em

They will try, don't let them...


Do people like her actually exist?
Stunning bod. Woah.

All black errrthang! Kim can do no fashion wrong.

Pretty jewels

So uhmmnnn...my b-day's comin up

Just go with the flow...

Photography on point

Loooove everything about these shoes!

MJ baby!


Oooohhh, what a pretty get-up

She is just standing there holding the
Universe together...

Short shorts and chucks :)

I'll take one of each, thanks...

Love her jacket

Like I was saying before, my b-day's on the 16th of April...

Style on 100 trill!



So pretty! The hues :)

*aaaaand pout*

How sexy?!

Uh-huh :)

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