Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I Need You To Come Here And Save Me.

Sheer. White

Nike Air

Still one of the most stylish!

The most stylish mom! Ever.

Love me some white ones...


Snoop Lion :)

My workspace ;)

Colour palette rocks

Crop top

Saaang it Lana gurrrl

Look at her :)


Short shorts. Baring midriffs. Gold watches

Boy London. Glasses

Kels, your body gurrrl.

The King!

Love this technique

So true...


The cuffs add edge to this soft look

Oh. My. Freeeeak!


I want one of these.

One day...soon.

How else can I start my days?

Quite simply.

Ooooohweeee! Love these.

Never, ever...

Cool varrrbs


The hottest look!

Black is theee new black mahhhn!



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