Thursday, 4 April 2013

Define "Normal"?

Appreciate every little thing!

Go easy...

Amber darlin'

*I'll wait...*


Jules my girl!

How pretty?!

Riri lettin them eat cake!

I want!!!

This is a reblog. But a pretty one at that.

Leather is so sexy doe!

My fave fashion blogger.


Love this girl!

Dope bang. Dope glasses.

There's only one Queen.

And her name begins with a Bey.

Annex Magazine

CC lookin sizzlin on the cover

Riri for River Island

Yeah gurrrrl, you fancy :)

Siiick make-up!

Look at her hair :)

One of the baddest babes in the game

Don't be rufflin my feathers...


*Pour it up, pour it up*

Lawd. Jesus. A Fiiiiiire.

How friggin gorgeous is this lil monster?

Kate Moss = Kreme de la kreme of fashion

Bey for Vogue

Here's another lil beast :)

Viva la Moda baby!

Her style is on steroids! Woah.

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