Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Oh Darling!

God is ALWAYS working things out for your good.

So simple. So easy. 

Just listen and lemme go off

Make it happen. So you can dream newer, bigger even more outrageous ones.

Sexy much?

*ahem, clears throat* The 16th's exactly 14days away.

Sequins we love!


Keep It Simple Stupid.

The dopest ring!

Clean blanc et noir.


*inhale, exhale*

Vogue nights baby...

You can NEVER go wrong with this combo



Toned thighs and high slits. Uh, yeah!

Ooooh those mint beauts complete this look.

Smokey eyes :)

Beauty can't be your only hustle.

Simple. My kind of varrrrb.

I'm cray cray about black and white.

Gel you betta werk!

All. Black. Evurrrrrything

Gold cuffs and black fur. Goodness me :)

Ooooh lady on the right takin my breath away...

Oh m'darling!

Silence please!


These pants are to die!

Accessories. Bag. Shorts. Nail color. On point!

I. Want. A. Pair!!!!

Leather shorts for the win.

Can we honour the hotness that is Mr. Beckham?
Please and Thank You.

High waist me all the way up :)

This kind of laid back varrrrb, yeah


I looove the bag!

Pretty artwork.

Chanel-y stole m'heart!

Again. Black and white combos

Show dem Ma!

What a cute pair

One day, soon.

Totes amaze...look at that cuff!

Killin 'em one mini at a time

I want her style :)

Floral pants

So. Damn. Fahhhhn.

Purrrrty. So purrrty.

Aha! Let's go dancing babe...

Dear God, this bag would like me to own it.
I can just tell.

Where can I find these pants?

Take your pick. I'll have one in each colour thanks.

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