Sunday, 21 April 2013

If The World Was Blind, How Many People Would You Impress?

No-one can fux with her style

Mr Ocean speakin the truth

This Raven gif is everything! :'D

Sometimes this is the best response to everything :P

Gorgeous sweater. Damn!

She drippin swagoo

Simply beautiful

The Carters

Oooh styling!

Love clean and simple colour palettes like this one

Mr. Elba *composes self*

Don't hurt em mami


Bey workin those braids

The prettiest little weapons

Sexy pair this. Woah.

One of the best fashion accessory photos ever taken.
Also look at that beast of a chain!

Love this get up. Shucks man!

Dig this

Depth! Work on yourself. 

Love this gif :)

Mrs Carter, bow down ya beeeeesh!

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