Thursday, 14 June 2012

Black, White And Shades Of Grey

Dude behind bike is just drippin swagoo! *wipes screen* 

 These two pictures are so similar. We love it. Hells Yeah!!!
 This is a friggin amazing pic. I mean...jislaiik!
 Precisely my point.
Ehem! *Clears throat and adjusts scarf* Thank You Lord. You are worthy to be praised! 
 This is the look we're going for. *winkies*
 I am now working on the third point of this quote :)


 I want these glasses. They are so amazing!
 I'm always doing this...
And I stay believing this... 
 Work it girrrl!
 Ravishing Riri...

 Here's another moment I'd love to experience. The patterned attire, fringed bobs, the 'we run the world attitude'. Yes puh-lease!
 Loving these pillows.
 Is that too much to ask?

Pool-side chillin'...King Bey. 
Love this woman.

I was strolling the plush green lawns of the interwebs and here are my stumblings. A picture is definitely more meaningful in black and white.

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