Saturday, 2 June 2012

Shirts Are Cool. Shirts Are Really Cool!

I want... correction, I NEED a denim shirt. Denim, stripes, green, cool is this picture.

 Oh! White on white is the new sexy. Roll up the tailored pants and break all the rules ;)
Chick is drippin swagoo. Invade his wardrobe and steal his cool!
 So lovely. The bright orange hue is so refreshing. Peepin denim shirt completes her cool. 
Without even trying Ma, allow sexy to be you for a change!

These babies are not wearing shirts, and they have nothing to do with this post, but somehow they landed up in here. Adds to the post I guess. Change it up and take it up a notch! The randomness! How breath-taking is this picture though? You find yourself smiling without even realising it. Cuh-yooote!
 The pockets and that collar. Conclusion: I would really like to own.
 Shirts and jerseys...harmonious! Act like you know.
Doesn't she make you a lil' uneasy...her beauty makes me shifty. How perfect is she? Wow. And those glasses! (I need) Neutral lip colour, smoky eye, and ofcourse that shirt. Swagg is on 100 trillion!!!

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