Sunday, 3 June 2012

Power To The Flower!

I'm a girl, i love flowers and these pictures are awesome. 
I'm an artist, so anything and everything inspires me. Even flowers. I don't know how to explain it, so i won't.

 So pure, so pretty, so pleasing to the eye.
 Honey you're enough! I really appreciate this.
 Work it Gwen girl! Worrrk it.
 Cute girly girl on a bike = really cute picture
 Flower + hair = Flair. And you got it girl.
I love editorials aswell. And this pic is boss with all these patterns and hues clashing and mixing and clashing and mixing, again and again and all over again!
 Is this Drew Barrymore, i can't be sure, but how preeeeetty?!
 This moment is so damn near perfect, but what do you expect, look at the model.
 I mean, look at this picture, black and white and still whoops all the coloured pictures' asses.
 Girl, can i have just a portion of your cool?!
 You're gorgeous. You're absolutely gorgeous. Of-course you are.
 Hells yeah, I'm a harajuku lover! *hand right up in the air where no-one can miss it*
Givenchy girl ;)

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