Sunday, 3 June 2012

Randoms. Haphazards.

Always treat yourself at least once a month. Splurge on a great pair of shoes, go out, go camping, party like a rockstar, do something crazy and out of the norm. Hang in hammocks and look cool. 'Cause you deserve it.
The layout, colours, cute lil legs and pretty knee length skirts on this kid...loves it!
 Oh! This is what i call photography. The composition and elements of this picture are suggesting something, which i'm not sure of. True artists are always suggesting. Hearts.
*sips on coffee as I continue staring* Shamelessly even. 
One of my best-friends is an interior designer. I imagine one day i'll be paying her good bucks to have her make my room look like this. A for Anele ;)
Photography and type, done so so so well. And the answer is always 'Yes' to dates on the roof :)
My wedding troops need to be this fun and spontaneous. And the photography is on point. Look at those reflections!
I want to live in this moment. Just once. 'Cause how absolutely awesome must it be to be driving this beetle trekking somewhere with all that luggage. It's a moment, and I'm a sucker for moments :)
Coachella. *adds to bucket-list* And if I'll get to see the jaw-dropping Chanelle Iman, why the hell not?!
I like this jersey. I want this jersey. Ugh! Where are my manners? I would like to have this jersey.
Never, ever stop creating. Don't stop being.
This ring belongs on my finger.  
Wooork it girrrrrl! Girrrrrl you better worrrrk it! And you're turban-rocking too?! Two thumbs right up.
 These two pictures make me wanna have one big ol' party!!!!
 That scarf, that bag, that swag. Hearts.
 Hubby-to-be needs to make plans for this. It's a necessity.
I really hope you are.

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