Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fashion Faves

Audrina Patridge rocking the 'pink & orange' trend 

These african-print inspired bags are what makes me so proudly African!

Peplum. Navy-blue. Black stunners!

Loving this kid. So fashion forward!

Sequined waistcoats. Yessss!

Leopard print minis. Yessss!

Sequined dress. Cute blue sandals. 

Looooving the neon trend so much right now!

I want one of these!

Preppy chic

Pastels and stripes

Olsen-ly cool!

This would stop the traffic I'm sure ;)

This is such a hot look my ghaaaad!
Stripes and bleached denim!!!

Floor length fun. Yesss!

Loving the vibe here

Fringes and leopard print crop tops

Florally Yours. xo

This is the only type of class that can be bought.

Snake-skin splendour!

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