Monday, 20 August 2012

Random Inspiration

I stumbled across this really cool blog this morning. This is a guy who carries his camera with him everywhere he goes, to capture the world around him as he sees it. I've beeeeen doing this, but have just been too afraid to post. You'd be surprised to know how many pictures I have on my hard-drive, just waiting to be shared with the world.
But with all the blogs I see on a daily basis, I've somewhat forgotten why I started this blogging thing from the beginning. Being influenced is like that though. Your thoughts and ideas kind of take the back seat when you're drawing inspiration from what's current and it's a ton of pressure to have the whole world looking at you try'na be different. Makes one feel quite vulnerable actually. Such that you subconsciously set out to do things to please the masses, or in the context of this particular post, to fit in. When in actual fact...we are different because we have different things to offer. (clink! *sound of penny dropping*)
This guy's blog reminded me why Anele exists, why she's out here doing what she's doing, and why someone will appreciate it. And that's because there only is one me, and even if everyone on this planet can wake up tomorrow and decide to be a photographer, there still won't be anyone who will capture moods and moments quite like I do. 
So this reminded me to get back on that continue to do what I love...which is to capture people in their everyday lives wearing the most amazing threads put together by themselves.
All I wanna do is share life and fashion from this sphere of the world. I am now sufficiently inspired!
And should you feel a lil' discouraged from time to time, that's okay, but don't wallow in it, 'cause it ain't healthy for ya. Get back up, follow your heart and make your dreams come true!!xo

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