Thursday, 2 August 2012

Mr. Man

What. A. Stunning. Shirt!!!

How stylish is this little one?!

The fit is to die for!!!

The cool factor.


Awu suka madoda!

Ooooooh lawdy lawd!

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned!

Hello there...

Soooo slick!

Style is on a hundred trillion!

*Prays in tongues*

These are cool.

Thixo onofefe!!!

Oh Idris Elba!

This car!!!

Oh Mr. Gosling!

Beige-y browns. Niiice!



Shirt me up Sir, like this trend!

Sooo cute!

These are hot!

Yesssses!!! How cute is that hat?!

Drippin swagoo.

All black everything.


My son will dress like this!

We love a man in a suit!

Loving these looks.

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