Thursday, 2 August 2012


Everything about this look screams CLASS!

OMG this leather top cinched in at the waist is makin me weep!

Nudes. Legs. Thigh high slits. Ahhh yeaaah!

Leopard print brights

On my wedding day I would love my hair to be done up in this cute 'heart-bun'

I don't know if these are unisex, but I would buy them in a heartbeat!

Nudes!!! YES.

Hot kicks.

The higher the stiletto, the higher the standards ;)

OMG I haven't seen anyone look this cool in forever! This is so me, sometimes.

Stunning neons

Moment of silence please. Also, that bag!!!

This is also my cup of tea :)

Yellow Summer 

Love this look!

This is so pretty, it must not be worn. Let's just look at it :)

The swag is so effortless it's shocking! How pretty though?!

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